Ottawa real estate photographer

We don’t currently have a photographer in the Ottawa area at So maybe this listing can be taken by you!

This is ideal for a photographer who works with:
  • Real estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial businesses

What areas will you cover: Ottawa and surrounds

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Facebook posts:

Anchorage real estate photography company DMD Real Estate Photography:

"Hi there, my name is Dave Davis. I am the owner of DMD Real Estate Photography. We are a team of multiple photographers specializing in Real Estate and Architecture Photography. We have been photographing homes in Alaska for over 9 years now.

We have photographers in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla and Fairbanks. We cover a HUGE amount of land due to the size of Alaska and the locations of these areas."

Facebook photo

Jersey City real estate photographer Melissa Cacioppo:

"My goal as a photographer is to deliver high quality images that help my clients attract more business. Weather it be a designer, builder or architect looking to showcase their talent and skill, or a real estate professional seeking consistent quality that will set their listings apart."

Facebook photo

When it comes to real estate marketing do you play it safe and stay in the middle along with everyone else, or do you go all the way and deliver an extraordinary marketing campaign?

In this video marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk gives his thoughts on marketing and why you should stay away from the middle:

Are you getting a drone video or a set of photos for your next listing? Here are five things you should consider doing to get more out of your real estate drone photos:

"There is no doubt that luxury homes need impeccable marketing campaigns. ... But when it comes to the average home, shouldn’t they be given the best possible chance at a top sale price as well?"

What do you think? 📷🤑🏡

"How can you make your real estate listing stand out among all the others? Let’s have a look at four things real estate agents can do with their listing to get the best possible result for their homeowners ..."

If you were a new agent, would you save costs and take your own photos, or would you choose to invest in a professional real estate photographer from the very first listing?

"Do the photos used in your real estate marketing campaign really help? Well, insurance company AXA has revealed how great photos combined with great presentation can impact upon the perceived value of a home by up to ...."

Read on to find out exactly how much great photos add to what someone is prepared to pay for a home! 😀