Palm Springs real estate photographer

We don’t currently have a photographer in Palm Springs or La Quinta at So maybe this listing can be taken by you!

This is ideal for a photographer who works with:
  • Real estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial businesses

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What areas will you cover: Palm Springs and La Quinta an intro video

Facebook posts:

"It wasn’t too long ago that DIY real estate photos were widely accepted, but if you have a house to sell now then you can no longer get away with doing the photography yourself.

What’s changed in recent years?

It basically comes down to the exposure (no pun intended) that today’s buyers have had to high-quality photos online. They’re used to scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed and seeing great images and video, they look at their favorite Instagrammers and their YouTubers, and all they see are great photos and videos of food, kittens, people and houses."

"So if you’re a real estate agent then Tom suggests that you need to do a video tour of a property before you do your flyers, your postcards, and everything else.

“You shoot a video first on everything you do.” – Tom Ferry

Yes, he said “video first on EVERYTHING”, which means every listing and not just your $1million+ listings. That’s how important video tours are today, and will be in 2018."

Do you need to stage a home for a photo shoot and sale?

“Here’s the simple formula: when you stage a home for sale the photography looks awesome. And when the photography looks awesome, people view that home online. When they view a beautifully staged home online, they visit, they fall in love, and they make offers.”

You'll find lots of great tips on why staging and photography matters, and what you need to do to prepare a home for sale, by checking out this article at

Copyright law ... image use ... licensing ... terms & conditions ...

It can all get rather confusing, so to help you make sense of it this might help:

"Photographers need to build viable businesses if they want to continue to work, and in order to do that they need to charge appropriate fees to cover their costs (and you might be surprised by how expensive it is to operate a photography business).

So in order to charge one fee for unlimited use forever and ever, or one fee and then make the photo freely available, then that initial fee would need to be very, very high. In order to keep that cost down, the photographer charges a fee based on the amount of use a photo gets.

Think of it like a bar or a pub – they usually don’t have an admission fee of $100 with unlimited drinks to their patrons. That’s because some patrons want lots of drinks, and others just want one drink. So they charge each patron a small fee for each drink that they buy. Photography licensing works the same way – each person who wants to use the photo pays a smaller fee, depending on how long they want to use the photo for."

For more I'd recommend you check our latest blog post:

Westchester County real estate photographer Jerry Hess:

"I have a passion for architecture & design. When I am not shooting real estate photography you can find me at the local coffee house reading the latest issue of Architectural Digest or Elle Décor magazine."

Facebook photo

Lake Havasu City real estate photographer Tinuviel Creative:

"I am excited daily by the challenge of capturing the artistic aspects of random living spaces. I love it when an agent comes to me after a shoot and says “your photos sold that house!”

Facebook photo

Some agents really earn their commission fee, and some don't. According to this real estate agent:

"... the professional real estate agent knows the value in working with others who are professional at what they do. Those are the agents who earn their commission."

This real estate agent clearly explains why he always hires a professional photographer:

"I’ve had people specifically reach out to me and say, ‘We’ve seen your photographs – you do an amazing job, and your properties look great. Can you come talk to us about selling our house?”