Melbourne real estate photographer

We don’t currently have a photographer in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs at So maybe this listing can be taken by you!

This is ideal for a photographer who works with:
  • Real estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial businesses

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What areas will you cover: Melbourne’s eastern suburbs an intro video

Facebook posts:

Naples real estate photography company Sun Services SW:

"I get the most satisfaction in Real Estate Photography when I create an image that not only represents the home, but highlights and brings the beauty of the property to the attention of the viewer. I love it when I hear from an agent that the property just went under contract after listing with my photographs."

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A few ordinary photos taken on a smartphone are no longer adequate in today's image-saturated world:

"... consumers have come to expect the kinds of visually stunning and interactive experiences today’s technology can provide when they’re shopping for a home.”

When they can access videos and 360 degree views of the shoes they are buying online, then you can be sure they also expect to see wonderful examples of visual marketing when looking for a new home as well.

Santa Barbara California real estate photographer Liz G Photography:

"My goal as a photographer is to deliver images that captivate and engage the viewer while generating a desire to know more. It is important my images authentically represent the space in its best light, and I achieve this with lighting and blending techniques that capture the full spectrum of light we see as we look at the world around us."

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This real estate agent says:
"You might have a gorgeous, stunning house, but if your photographs are crap-ola, they're not going to stop on it and they're going to bypass you."

"Rule #4. Always Be Testing.
Tom says that you need to develop a culture of testing so that you know what works best. This applies to your emails, and to your headlines, and to your Facebook posts, and everything.
.. And although Tom didn’t specifically mention this, I think this rule around testing all the time can be applied in many different ways to the photography side of marketing."

Milwaukee Wisconsin real estate photography company DoubleXposure:

"We are not a business that just looks to produce images. Our goal is to create images that communicate the message that our client’s need, based on a close relationship, listening, learning, and a firm base of knowledge of their market and the message they need to communicate to their audience."

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Knoxville Tennessee real estate photographer Mike O'Neill:

"My job is to provide professional real estate photography that will stimulate an interest and get new clients to agent listings. When we make your business work, then we make our business work. We both win!

Mike ONeill Photography resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we cover the entire Knoxville city area and reach out to the surrounding communities, including Lenoir City, Loudon, Maryville, Seymour, Kodak, Jefferson City, Corryton, Clinton, Oak Ridge, and Kingston."

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Do you like the new wave of VR tools that are now being used in marketing campaigns?

Or do you prefer still shots and maybe a video?