Facebook ads, Matterport and video

What can real estate agents do with Facebook ads, 3D tours and video?


In the podcast above by EasyAgentPro they’re asked a question by an agent about whether they could run a ‘virtual open house‘. The idea put forward is to run a Facebook ad campaign for a listing that leads to a squeeze page where the potential buyers signs in, just like they would when attending an open home.

When the buyers sign in they have it redirect to a 3D virtual tour, like that produced by Matterport, although a walk-through video could be just as effective here.

If you haven’t seen a 3D tour before here’s what we mean:


The key to the effectiveness of this Facebook ad campaign is in the words used in the ad copy. For example, a real estate agent could say something like:

“Want to imagine what it’s like living in your dream home?
Click here to see the 3D tour!”

… or perhaps:

“You’re not going to believe the kitchen in this place!
Access the 3D tour to check it out.”

This last method is playing on the mystery element, and is kind of a clickbait approach. But hey, we all know how well that works online – really, really well!

The issue though is whether the virtual open house campaign will work. There is a certain novelty to 3D tours, as there is for walk-through videos of a home, so it could be a workable ad campaign for Facebook.  Just be aware of the time it takes:

“Facebook ad campaigns take a while to warm up. It takes 3 to 5 business days for an ad campaign to reach what it probably will be doing. And so in that period of time in a hot market you might get the house under contract … so it may not be a feasible lead gen strategy … unless you’re using it as a tool to get more listings.”

But as with all things in marketing it’s worth testing and measuring to see if it works. Start off small scale and then scale it up if the numbers work well.

If you’re looking for a company to produce a 3D tour or walk-through video, search for a photographer in your area at BestRealEstatePhotographers.com.