Luis Ortiz and Gary Vee: Real estate lead generation

Gary Vaynerchuk and Luis Ortiz talk real estate

We recently posted a video interview between Gary Vaynerchuk and Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing NY. Well, now we have Gary Vee chatting with another agent from the same TV show, Luis Ortiz.

In this episode they talk about how real estate agents can handle objections based on being new to the industry, and also how to get leads. Here are some of the highlights:

“How do you balance professionalism & personality (especially since you are both so high energy)?”

Gary: I don’t.

Luis: That is what I was going to say.

Gary: … Plus, the market gets to decide.

“How do you overcome objections based on perceived lack of experience, looking young, and people doubting your ability?”

Luis: If you care, and if you are serious about whatever it is that you’re doing, and you’re really passionate about it, no-one can argue against that. … When you speak from the heart, there is no age to that, and I think people will respect that.

Gary: I think it just doesn’t matter, and let me explain. I actually think a lot of people didn’t take my wine advice when I was 24, and looked 7. A lot of people, even 10 years ago, didn’t take my business advice because I didn’t look the part. I actually think this is a question … that is a post-game. What I mean by that is it’s results. … Look, 90 out 100 people are going to say ‘no’, but the game is proving those 90 wrong later…. It’s not about who says ‘no’, but who says ‘yes’, and then you have to deliver.

“What is the single best way you have found to get leads besides referrals?”

Luis: I actually still do it – cold calling, man. I love cold calling. … As long as you are yourself, and you’re very convicted about whatever it is you’re saying, or whatever it is that you’re getting their attention, you will get their attention on a bad day, or a good day …

Gary: … I think it’s counter-punching. … What sales people know is you have to react.