Should real estate agents choose the cheapest real estate photographer?

Should a real estate agent choose the cheapest real estate photographer they can find?

The answer is ‘no’.

I just came across this news article, and it must be true because the newspaper looks real and everything! ūüėČ

Real estate agent shocked by cheap photographer

‚ÄúSHOCKED ‚Äď Real estate agent thought the cheap¬†photographer would ‘do a better job’.‚ÄĚ

Real estate agent Tammy Cheapjack thought she was doing her homeowner clients a favor when she booked a professional photographer to take photos of their home when it went on sale.

‚ÄúI normally do the photos myself, and they look good. Well, perhaps a little dark¬†‚Ķ and there was that one time when I accidentally took a photo of myself in the bathroom mirror. Or did I do that¬†twice?”

However, she did note that “I often seem to have buyers saying that the house looks much, much better in real life than it does in the photos. I don’t know why they say that.”

Ms Cheapjack paid $45 for a photographer to take photos of the property at 1290 Upmarket Street.

“I only get the photographer in for the really nice homes. I don’t get many of them for some reason, but this was an absolutely gorgeous home.”

She¬†contacted a company called¬†‘Budget Photography’, and¬†arranged for the photo shoot last Monday.

“These guys were so cheap! I was so pleased when I found them. And they were only at the house for 9 minutes, which I thought was terrific,” said Ms Cheapjack.

Receiving the photos three days later, she thought they were a little disappointing.

“To be honest, I thought they would¬†do a better job, being a professional photographer and all. You know, they had a proper camera and everything! Still, they were better than I could do.”

However, the owners at 1290 Upmarket Street did not share the same enthusiasm.

“They were yelling kinda loud, but I think they said something about a blind man, and then something about a dam and the word awful. That can’t be right? Maybe he said ‘or full’?”

At a meeting with the owners the next day, they made their desires clear to Tammy Cheapjack, and another photography company was booked that same day.

“I got the photos back from the second company, and they were amazing! I have never, ever seen a house look that good! The rooms were bright, the views out the windows looked amazing, the colors were perfect, and the walls were all straight and not going at funny angles. They even made sure there weren’t any people showing in the reflections and everything!”


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