How a real estate photographer can save you time

How a real estate photographer can save you time

Can a real estate photographer save you time?

It turns out that ‘time’ is more important to most people than money, which might surprise you but actually makes a lot of sense. After all, bank accounts can keep growing, and money can move in and out, but time is one of those things that, when you lose it, you ain’t gettin’ it back again.

Value time more highly than money. That’s the fascinating conclusion of a psychological study by UCLA researchers Hal Hershfield and Cassie Mogilner Holmes, who asked more than 4,400 Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels whether more time or more money would make them happier. Most of them–64 percent–opted for money over time. But here’s the interesting thing: The people who chose time were, on average, happier than the ones who chose money.

Source: Inc Magazine, “Should You Want More Money or More Time? (Hint: There’s a Right Answer)

So back to photography …

How can a photographer save you time?

How a real estate photographer can save you time

Let’s say you need to take some photos of a house you’re selling (and you might be a real estate agent, or a homeowner) – how long would it take you to do that?

Here’s the process:

  1. Move around the house, inside and out, and take all the photos you need, with perfect composition, amazing lighting, but not too much ‘noise’ in the images or the images will look ‘dotty’.
  2. Download the photos off the camera or the card
  3. Choose the good ones (so that’s 8 good ones out of the 95 photos you did?)
  4. Edit them in Photoshop (you are a Photoshop master already, aren’t you?)
  5. Resize them for web and print marketing

Or you call your local real estate photographer, and let them do all of that for you while you read a book / make some phone calls to other clients / engage in conversation with the homeowner and build a stronger relationship with them / eat ice cream / gaze through these beautiful real estate photos:

Oh, and the photos taken by the professional photographer will look absolutely awesome, and you’ll almost certainly get a higher price and/or a quicker sale using them, so you win financially anyway. Yay!!!

The thing is, though, is that it can take time to find the right photographer in your area. We’ve made that part super easy here at, because we’ve narrowed down the search to just 1 … simply the best photographers in your area are right here, waiting for your call.

You can find photographers throughout the USA, or Australia, so do a search for The One in your area, give them a call, and let’s start saving you time (and make some extra money along the way!).

Why does this matter to you?

Well, if time is more important than money, then spending a relatively low dollar amount on a photographer in order to save time should be the better choice, at least if you are one of the 64% of people who say that time would make you happier than money.

But there was something else: The people who said they’d prefer more time were generally happier.

What’s more, this relationship held true when the researchers controlled for the participants’ time and money.

It’s not that people who have more money are happier and have more freedom to say they’d want more time. It’s much more subtle than that. “What matters is the value people place on each resource,” the authors write. “Beyond the amount of these resources people have, happiness is linked to the resource people want.”

Source:, “Study: people who value time over money are happier

So choose a great real estate photographer the next time you need photos of your home or listing, and be happier. The science proves it.

Well, kind of. 🙂