How to sell your home in a hot real estate market

How to sell your home in a hot real estate market

How do you sell your home in a hot real estate market?

The two big things you want are great photos to attract more interested buyers, and of course a really well presented home that buyers can instantly fall in love with.

In this video Michigan real estate agent Jeff Glover offers his thoughts on what home owners should be doing:

I'd like to emphasize some of the things that were said in this video:

Rachael Ruiz: So the picture can say a thousand words, and that's what a lot of people see now - you can go online and see those initial pictures, and that makes the decision whether you even go through a house.

Jeff Glover: Even go see it, exactly.

So as they've noted here, those photos that buyers look at online have a huge impact on whether or not they even visit a home or contact the selling agent to find out more. I think we need to be really clear on this -

The photos either attract more buyers, or they turn them away.

If those photos don't look great, then the buyers don't come, and when it comes to the photos there are two parts:

Part 1 is that the photos themselves have to be technically excellent. They can't be too dark or too bright, they can't have weird colors or look wonky or not show the home from the best angles and in the best light. To get all of that an agent or owner needs to hire the best real estate photographer in their area.

Why do the photos matter? Well, even a beautiful home can look less than beautiful if the photographer is not skilled enough to know how to create images that sell. So spend time finding a great photographer, and be prepared to pay a little more if you need to because those real estate photos are the number 1 marketing tool you have.

Part 2 is that the home itself must be presented really well for the photo shoot, and for any subsequent open homes or visits by potential buyers.

What can you do?

Prepare the closets: People will look inside so prepare them well.

Style the basement: Show buyers that you have the additional living space, and present them well and make it look like you go down there and use the area.

Clean the garage: Paint the floor so it looks clean and fresh, and move things if needed to make room for the cars.

The front of the home: This is your first chance to make a great impression, so clean everything and prepare the garden so it looks amazing.