Choosing the right art when selling a home

We were recently asked to contribute to an article in Redfin about hanging artwork in a home when it’s up for sale (and I think we are the only real estate photographers that contributed something), so coming from the point of view of photographers here’s what we shared:

Think about how multiple art pieces are going to look when showing various rooms in a single photo. For example, consider how strategically placing a painting on the wall of one room, like a bedroom down a hall, might give depth to the living room in the foreground. Instead of showing a blank wall, that extra splash of color on the far wall could help to extend the perceived size of a space and make it more attractive to potential buyers.”

You can the full article here:

 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips on Choosing the Right Art for Home Staging

… where you’ll find a range of great suggestions for art in a home, including:

  • Select artwork that enhances your home
  • Be mindful of your artwork choices
  • Freshen up your home with unique pieces of art (and look beyond framed prints to include various forms of art)
  • Choose complementary artwork pieces
  • Use artwork to highlight specific features in your home (even a bathroom)
  • Keep scale in mind when choosing artwork for staging, so if you have a large wall choose a large artwork
  • Make sure your artwork choices are balanced