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We don’t currently have a photographer in Denver Colorado at So maybe this space could be used to promote your photography business!

This is ideal for a photographer who works with:
  • Real estate agents
  • Builders
  • Hotels
  • Commercial real estate agents
  • … and more.

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What areas will you cover: Denver an intro video

Facebook posts:

Do you like the new wave of VR tools that are now being used in marketing campaigns?

Or do you prefer still shots and maybe a video?

Is virtual furniture one of the best marketing tools available for both rentals and homes for sale?

"As Sarah notes in her article, the use of virtual furniture in her rentals has helped to attract more tenants, meaning less time that a property is left vacant.

However, the virtual furniture also dresses up a home with perfect interior styling, meaning that property management companies can secure the highest possible fee for their rentals."

"But the thing we need to recognize here is that just because a photographer might excel at one area of photography – such as photojournalism or weddings or pets – that does not mean they are good at all forms of photography."

Palm Springs real estate photography company MonCherie Fotography:

Cherie Johnson, owner/photographer of MonCherie Fotography in La Quinta, CA, has been a real estate photographer who also specializes in commercial photography and business headshots for over 7 years.

"People tell me I have an artistic style of photographing homes. I have an eye for capturing the home’s unique vibe, spatial relevance, peek-a-boo views, and unique architectural elements.
I’m a little ad-lib as well; if it catches my eye, it’s getting photographed."

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We've just added a new blog post on the importance of having great looking photos when you want to build your brand:

“Gorgeous photos present you as a thought leader.
You could be the most badass thought leader in your industry, [but] if you don’t look it, if you don’t present like it, no one’s going to listen to you.
… If you want to be a thought leader in your industry, you’re going to want to invest in your brand. And that means investing in photos, videos, social media and your writing.”

Baltimore Maryland real estate photographer Amanda Koehler:

"Amanda Koehler from Charm City Virtual Tours in Ellicott City, Maryland, has been a real estate and architectural photographer since 2006. Since that time she has photographed thousands of residential real estate listings. In addition, she has provided high quality images for hotels, restaurants, churches, nursing homes, apartments and rental properties, and government buildings.

Amanda loves to provide outstanding images to realtors and business owners, helping them to enjoy a fantastic return on investment in professional photography services."

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