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We don’t currently have a photographer in Denver Colorado at So maybe this space could be used to promote your photography business!

This is ideal for a photographer who works with:
  • Real estate agents
  • Builders
  • Hotels
  • Commercial real estate agents
  • … and more.

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How should a real estate agent or homeowner choose a photographer, and what should that photographer know when it comes to shooting and editing homes for sale? In this list we'll go through 9 different things that your photographer should know so that you can be sure you get a great result (and you don't get in trouble with the law!).

Illawarra real estate photographer Ben Greaves:

"I take my craft very seriously and photography is an important part in what I do. I’m constantly striving to be at the top of my game. It’s true that anyone can take a photo but creating a great image that resonates with someone is something I’ve dedicated the better part of 18 years toward.
... I’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading agencies including top performing offices from McGrath, Belle, Ray White, Raine & Horne, LJ Hooker, Century 21, Harcourts and First National Real Estate as well as smaller boutique agencies all across Sydney."

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As the TV presenter says in the video in this blog post:
"So the picture can say a thousand words, and that's what a lot of people see now - you can go online and see those initial pictures, and that makes the decision whether you even go through a house."

Those photos make a big, big difference, so make sure you choose the best real estate photographer in your area!

"Don't discount the difference that quality images matter with homes at the top and bottom of the market."

Melbourne real estate photography company The Space Cowboy Photography:

"I love lines, form, function, the urban landscape and the places and spaces we inhabit.
I’m passionate about shooting building interiors and exteriors, residential and commercial real estate, private properties, holiday homes and Airbnbs.
My aim is to create quality images that build a brand, increase sales, that engage with and delight clients."

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Jacksonville Florida real estate photography company Pipas Imagery:

"Our business is focused on helping agents show their future clients that they care about their property on a higher level by supplying high-quality photos of their home. We are always expanding our services to provide the most up to date needs that agents are requesting. Keeping up with the trends is important to our business model to help agents get their listings sold faster and for more money."

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