Why professional photography is invaluable

Why professional real estate photography is invaluable

There was an article in the June issue of Featured Agent Magazine called “Why professional photography is invaluable“.

The article starts by talking about how people who are looking for an agent or a new home go online these days to look at images of homes:

“That means that the photos of your listing need to capture the true beauty of the property, whether it’s a one-bedroom condo in the city center, or a sprawling ranch situated on acres of gorgeous landscaping.”

I think that’s a key point – the photos matter for every home, regardless of the price point and regardless of the size of the home. Every real estate listing is looking for a buyer, and therefore every property needs to impress someone enough that they want to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to purchase it.

The photos are always at the start of that decision-making process, and if they aren’t impressive enough then far less people will even start on that journey toward considering that particular property.

Why professional real estate photography is invaluable

The writer of the article on professional photography then goes on to give four reasons why professional photography “is worth every penny when it comes to securing the best price for your listings”, and they are:

  1. The pros have the proper equipment.
    That’s a good point, because a lot of photographers will be carrying very expensive gear around with them, and that’s because the quality of the gear impacts upon the quality of the photography. However, they’ve also invested a lot of time into knowing how to best make use of that camera gear.
  2. The pros save you time.
    A lot of real estate agents are incredibly busy responding to enquiries, marketing their own services, and handling all that they have to do. The last thing they need is to squeeze yet another activity into their day, so it pays to outsource the photography to someone else who is going to do a far better job.
  3. The pros take care of the technology.
    They mention the way in which a professional photographer can size the images correctly for online marketing, and how they can also prepare virtual tours and other marketing tools as well.
  4. The pros deliver a premium product.
    This is where professional photography really stands out, and this article correctly points out that a photographer has the skills to make even a small property look amazing. They do that through knowledge and experience, creatively using light and smart image compositions to make a home, any home, look its very best.

Professional photography really makes a difference, and here’s why:

“Since it’s your job to secure top-dollar for your client, professional photography is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.”

Home sellers hire real estate agents to achieve the best possible outcome for the sale of their home, and professional photography plays an absolutely essential role in achieving that desired outcome. But it’s not just any photography – it has to be amazing photography! An agent or homeowner who works with a photographer that creates merely average photos in order to save a few extra dollars is not going to ‘wow’ prospective buyers in the same way that a high-quality photographer will be able to do.

The best thing you can do, then, is to find the best real estate photographer in your area, and hire them. The return on investment, both short and long-term, will be well worth it.